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08/09 5:15pm ET

Markets Overview

Tuesday’s Close:

  • Dow
    -58.13  /  -0.18%
  • Nasdaq
    -150.53  /  -1.19%
  • S&P 500
    -17.59  /  -0.42%
Data as of 5:15pm ET, 08/09/2022
Oct 04 1:14am: Howard Marks, co-chairman of Oaktree Capital, explains why investors should start treading lightly. More

U.S. Stocks »

GainersLast price% Change
VLOValero Energy C...110.67+4.02%
OXYOccidental Petr...62.41+3.95%
STZConstellation B...242.73+3.70%
OKEONEOK Inc61.38+3.66%
MPCMarathon Petrol...93.35+3.27%
LosersLast price% Change
GPSGap Inc9.65-6.04%
IFFInternational F...120.13-5.90%
RCLRoyal Caribbean...37.97-5.62%
SWKStanley Black &...91.70-5.40%
CCLCarnival Corp9.47-5.39%
Data as of 7:00pm ET, 08/09/2022

World Markets »

Last price% Change
 Nikkei 225Japan27,999.96-0.88%
 Hang SengHong Kong20,003.44-0.21%
 FTSE 100England7,488.15+0.08%
11:55am ET, 08/09/2022

Currencies »

$1=% Change
Canada Dollar1.2855-0.60%
United Kingdom Pound0.8277-0.02%
European Euro0.9792-0.16%
Japan Yen0.007399+0.02%

Commodities »

Last price% Change
Light Crude90.61-0.17%
Natural Gas7.86+3.56%
7:08pm ET, 08/09/2022

Bonds & Interest Rates »

Yield% Change
3 Month Treasury2.57%+4.47%
10 Year Treasury2.797%+1.16%
30 Year Treasury3.005%+0.23%
2:59pm ET, 08/09/2022

Mutual Funds »

Total Net Assets% Change
VSMPX Vanguard Total Stock...$514.6B+0.04%
VFIAX Vanguard 500 Index A...$395.6B-0.12%
FXAIX Fidelity® 500 Index$374.9B-0.12%
VTSAX Vanguard Total Stock...$295.0B+0.04%
VGTSX Vanguard Total Intl ...$164.5B+0.18%

Exchange Traded Funds »

Price% Change
SPY SPDR® S&P 500 ETF T...411.35-0.40%
IVV iShares Core S&P 500...413.49-0.42%
VOO Vanguard S&P 500 ETF378.14-0.40%
VTI Vanguard Total Stock...206.56-0.63%
QQQ Invesco QQQ Trust317.08-1.13%
Data as of 4:15pm ET, 08/09/2022

Market Tracker

08/09 5:15pm ET